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Voici une traduction d'un de mes poèmes que j'ai trouve mais j'y ai apporté quelques modification car mon anglais n'est pas génial.  Mais "ice cream" à la place de "piece of ice" ça ne collait pas. Si vous ouvrez l'image vous verrez la traduction telle qu'elle a été faite par google.


Published on March 16, 2021 by Pi_ro_94

The trees are all white as covered with snow,

There is piece of ice where the market was held,

We hear the birds repeat their arpeggios,

Spring is coming, oh! as I would like

May he fill my heart with joy so that it may lighten up.


So much sorrow and grief since his birth.

The first, he was so young that oblivion

Almost erased it, he was no longer conscious

But an old scar lost in its folds

And awakening in him no reminiscence.


Poor daddy if his soul survives she must,

Of this absence of memory, to be sad,

Him who is not even a ghost to me.

Had the engineer triumphed over the artist

So that in each of us this part of his self


That he had set aside reborn and flourish?

Why do I remember the dead in the spring?

Isn't it thanks to them that our lives are fulfilled

And of the whole universe is not that the fate?

Yet do we know these bristling dead?


Our soul is full of strangers who have been

Our parents, our brothers, our aunts, our godmothers,

Friends, nieces, fallen in the past,

Having kept a part that has remained underground

From which rises an exasperated melancholy spleen.


I feel like that oak in the garden

Which still carries its dead leaves around it

While to the others, the greens and pinks cuddle

Buds kiss the air of their tender cohort.

They regret life despite the drizzle.

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comme tu le soulignes, on ne peut ouvrir, j'ai essayé de nouveau.. bon lundi
Pas important, la modification principale concerne le deuxième vers. C'est le problème des traductions automatiques qui s'occupent des mots pas du sens !
je ne peux ouvrir l'image.. sorry
http://pi-ro-94.over-blog.com/2021/04/melancholy.html. Regarde si ce lien marche mieux
Tu as raison ce matin je ne peux plus non plus. Over-blog a dû changer quelque chose dans le lien. En fait c'est un lien qui boucle sur lui-même : une autoréférence ce qui n'était pas le cas hier en tout cas pour mois.